Boss Revamp and Elements Mechanics!

Spells and enemies are now aligned to one out of six elements: Light, Zap, Frost, Shadow, Love or Fire!
Each element triggers an affliction to the target. Also, spells inflict more damage to targets of the opposite element and less damage to targets of the same element.List of Afflictions:

  • Light: Blind (player's screen whites out; enemies miss their aim)
  • Zap: Stun (players may drop their weapon; enemies actions will be interrupted)
  • FrostChill (players will freeze in place; enemies will slow down)
  • Shadow: Spook (controls will be inverted; enemies will flee)
  • Love: Dazzle (player and enemy damage are reduced )
  • Fire: Burn (health is slowly drained)

Also, new items, spells, and a brand new Boss!


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Jan 18, 2022

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